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Polish exporters will be able to use the money envisaged for support of small and medium enterprises, which will compete on international markets.

The support for companies will stem from three sources: Operational Programs (Programy Operacyjne); Intelligent Development (Inteligentny Rozwój (PO IR)) , Eastern Poland, (Polska Wschodnia (PO PW)) and regional programs.

As PAP Elżbieta Michalczyk from the Warmia and Mazury Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego (WMARR) informed us, Polish economy has been going through a new chapter of transformation for a few quarters. It is called regional reorientation of export “Reorientacją geograficzną eksportu”. Polish companies abandon former trade tracks connected with e.g. German market and enter new, exotic markets.

Thanks to this the domestic export preserved its good dynamics and retained the place of derive motor of Polish economy. The recently published data of GUS indicate that the best sale markets are: Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Latvia. Oriental countries, as well as Malaysia, South Korea, Norway, the USA, Spain and Brazil are also becoming a kind of commercial hit. .

In the years 2007-2013, the Action 6.1 Passport for Export “Działanie 6.1 Paszport dla eksportu” had been one of the actions directed at entrepreneurs wanting to enter foreign markets. Entrepreneurs thanks to received aid from part in international fairs as exhibitors, participated in economic missions, thus, they had the chance to find trade partners.

Moreover, the undertakers received finance aid of such enterprises as buy of specialized documents, i.e. analyses referring to financing of export actions and the image of given product. This support was used by 57 undertakers from Warmia and Mazury.

To carry out their projects they received 3.4 million PLN.

The budget for Poland to be distributed within the frame of European Union is 82.5 billion Euros. These union resources for the years 2014-2020 make the key which opens the road for the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises MŚP and better competitiveness on international markets.

According to Michalczyk, enterprises will be able to use funds of all programs involving the new perspective. It includes the benefactors of aid and contractors of tasks connected with enterprises financed by European Union.

The union support shall build the competiveness of Polish economy through innovations, which will be engendered by cooperation of entrepreneurs and scientists.

The support for companies will stem from three sources: Operational Programs (Program Operacyjny); Intelligent Development Program (Inteligentny Rozwój (PO PW), and regional programs.

The operational program Intelligent Development shall boost the innovation of economy and cooperation with enterprises and scientific units. The ideas of scientists shall be employed and make commercialized. The aid “internationalization”, effected by PO IR as part of PI 3.2, is directed at innovative enterprises.

It is all about the ides and solutions were carried out and made commerce. The internacjonalizacji" concept, realized In Po IR as part of PI 3.2, is directed AT innovative enterprises.

Those projects will be financed which were established die to the cooperation between Polish enterprises and foreign enterprises and investors, including the, mediation of business environment. Moreover, the projects will be carried out, which promote international trade contracts of small and medium enterprises. Projects thanks which Polish entrepreneurs learn knowledge of export abilities and cooperation with foreign contractors. To carry out this program 8.6 billion Euros are destined.

The program Program Operacyjny Polska Wschodnia will finance mostly regional programs, to increase the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. Better distribution of money shall batter fit the needs of enterprises active in a given voivodeship.

An extra aid the companies connected with intelligent specialized fields will get. The number of small and medium companies in the eastern macro region taking part in international exchange is relatively small.

Just about 14.4 percent of Polish exporting companies are based in Poland. The foreign trade exchange is vividly smaller than other regions. Export activity shall be a way to become independent from insufficient domestic demand. Determining the years 2014-220 2.1 billion Euro has been destined for the Operational Program Eastern Poland ( Program Operacyjny Polska Wschodnia) .

The Warmia and Mazury voivodeship will manage over 1.7 billion Euros. But, before the Regional Operational Program Warmia and Mazury 2014-2020 (Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Warmia i Mazury na lata 2014-2020) is accepted it is hard to say how much of this resources will assessable to undertakers – Michalczyk stresses.

By the new perspective, the Warmia-Mazury voivodeship, like other EU regions, will be based on effecting called intelligent specializations. Made outstanding in each voivodeship strategies specializations are strictly bound with private subjects, and they will be the target of Union support.

Intelligent specialization of Warmia and Mazury are “water economy”, wood and furniture, as well as food of high quality. Those specializations we determined due to regional traditional and internal potential.

The strategy accepted by the local government claims the region has natural advantages. It covers 7.7 percent of the Poland and is an immense water potential. Warmia and Mazury comprises almost 21.5 percent of Polish areas above the sea level (including sea water). This makes the region number one in this regard in Poland. Forests in Warmia and Mazury cover 31 percent of the region areas.

According to authors of the strategy the region should use its natural and economic potential. That is why furniture production is the branch, which will count on support. In Warmia and Mazury is the greatest concentration of plats producing furniture. Companies employ 12,600 people.

Among other economic branches the authors of the document mention “water economy”. That is tourism development and industry, based on yachts and boats production.

The third intelligent specialization of Warmia and Mazury is production of healthy food. This voivodeship takes the third place among all UE 270 regions, regarding concentration of production, processing, meat preservation. That is the branch which seems to be the best developing branch in the region. ( PAP)


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