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The mini-guide for investors

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Businessmen who want to invest and to develop their activities within the Warmia and Mazury areas have a chance to receive many business and economic facilities. Investment encouragements are proposed by the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone, by the Scientific -Technological Park in Olsztyn, Ełk and Elbląg and by self-governments.

Within the area of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship there are two special economic zones: The Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone and the Suwałki Special Economic Zone, with its sub-zone in Ełk and Gołdap.

For the time being the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone covers about 1014,9 ha of areas located in 29 sub-zones: Including: Barczewo, Bartoszyce, Biskupiec, Ciechanów, Dobre Miasto, Elbląg, Iława, Iłowo Osada, Kętrzyn, Kurzętnik, Lidzbark Warmiński, Mława, Morąg, Mrągowo, Nidzica, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Olecko, Orzysz, Ostrołęka, Ostróda, Olsztyn, Olsztynek, Pasłęk, Piecki, Pisz, Płońsk, Szczytno, Wielbark, Zakroczym.

Two following companies constitute two biggest companies running their activities within the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone: a tyre concern - the Michelin Polska S.A. and an electronic concern - LG Electronics Mława Sp. z o.o.

The areas located within the borders of the W-M SSE [the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone] are intended to be built up. The areas offered to investors are to an appreciable extent developed investment areas and they are comfortably situated as far as communicational matters are concerned. Some railway transshipment stations function in the neighbourhood of many sub-zones.

In addition to advantageous utility infrastructure, comfortable location, a possibility to choose an investment site, public help is the main encouragement for investors to invest within the areas.

Businessmen running business activities within the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone on the basis of the legal permit to carry out business activities within the W-M SSE are entitled to make use of public help in the shape of income tax exemption. According to the statutory regulations, the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship is included in the area, within which a businessman running a business activity can receive the highest public help at the national level.

Such a legal permit is issued for two titles - for a new investment and for creating new workplaces. A businessman is entirely free as far as choosing a legal title which he/she would like to make use of.

As far as the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship is concerned, statutory regulations define the maximum public help at the level of 50% of qualified costs of a new investment or at the level of 50% of two-year labour costs of employees newly employed.

For medium-size entrepreneurs the maximum public help is increased by 10% and for small entrepreneurs the public help is increased by 20%. Investors running business activities within the transport branch are excluded from this public help.

A small business is a business employing fewer than 50 employees, whose annual turnover and/or total annual balance sheet does not exceed 10 million euro.

A medium-size business is a business employing fewer than 250 employees, whose annual turnover does not exceed 50 million euro and/or whose total annual balance sheet does not exceed 43 million euro.

Areas which are not of interest for investors are systematically excluded out of the borders of the W-M Special Economic Zone and they are replaced with areas meeting investors’ expectations. Every self-government possessing attractive investment areas within its borders is entitled to take the initiative to include them into the borders of the W-M Special Economic Zone. To make it happen, an appropriate self-government organ, i.e. a president of a town/city, a mayor of a town/city and the head of a village should make a proper application form to the Management of the W-M Special Economic Zone S.A. All the necessary documents and other information concerning the areas should be attached to the motion.

Legal regulations between Russia and Poland on the Local Border Traffic can constitute another encouragement for the investors willing to set up and develop business activities within the areas of the Warmia and the Mazury SSE. LBT covers a considerable part of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship, of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the whole area of the Kaliningrad region. Thanks to legal regulations on crossing the border on the basis of legal permits, not on the basis of visas, a number of Russian people coming to the Warmia and Mazury has considerably increased. People from Kaliningrad come mainly to do shopping; they buy food, AGD and RTV products, clothing, and shoes. They also come here to take rest in hotels of high ranks and at SPA wellness centres.

Beginner businessmen and businessmen wanting to expand their activities can make use of investment encouragements and reductions by means of setting up their companies within the Scientific - Technological Parks. In the Warmia and Mazury region there are three such institutions: the Olsztyn Scientific - Technological Park, the Technological Park in Elbląg and the Scientific - Technological Park in Ełk.

Within the Olsztyn Scientific - Technological Park there are: the Technological Park - an area intended for companies of established market position, the Entrepreneurship Incubator intended for newly set up companies willing to start their activities, for innovative companies and for supporting these companies’ development and the Centre of New Technologies Transfer, i.e. a place which is to run scientific research on new technologies, their usage and implementation.

In Olsztyn Technological Park there is an office-conference building, which is the seat of the Management of the Olsztyn Scientific - Technological Park. The building is used for conference, training and for expositional purposes. In the building the companies have got a possibility to show the results of research and experiments they carried out and to show their innovative products and technologies. One can find here also companies providing business support services: accounting, promotional, training, advising and legal, tax and insurance counselling. In this building there is also some social support, whose aim is to provide services for locators, employees, Park’s guests and conference participants.

The Centre of New Technologies Transfer consists of two office - laboratory facilities. In one of those buildings there are some chemical, molecular and technological laboratories, a Centre of radio wave propagation in the ionosphere and a Centre of satellite positioning and navigation. In the other building the following facilities are at companies’ disposal: laboratory and office rooms, a 20-people conference room and rooms for the purposes of business meetings. Here scientific employees and students can carry out their research and experiments, whose main aim is to invent modern technologies and products. In the neighborhood of the Olsztyn Park there is a lake named Skanda. Such a localization of the Park enriched it with the sports-recreational function.

The Elbląg Technological Park located in the West of the region consists of the Centre of Business, Development and Innovation and of the Conference - Training Centre. All rooms are designed for the purposes of office and service premises. They are equipped with modern systems of ventilation, air conditioning and with functional office furniture.

In the Park there is the Laboratory of Advanced Environmental Analyses, whose employees provide services as regards to analysis of waters, sewage, sewage sludge and the soil. The laboratory is equipped with analyzing equipment of high quality - there are among others: a gas chromatograph, an ion chromatograph, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer and a mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma. For the highly qualified staff it makes possible to define e.g. physico-chemical parameters, metals, ions, organic compounds, i.e. pesticides and PAH - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

The offer of the Laboratory of Advanced Environmental Analyses is directed to businessmen, institutions and also to private people. Moreover, the laboratory organizes courses, training activities and educational shows.

The Centre of Metal Science provides services as regards to material research and calibration of measuring tools for companies of various industry branches; especially for companies producing and exploiting metal products. The Centre of Wood and Furniture Technology carries out research on furniture and on furniture elements in an environmental chamber, an aging chamber and on a testing machine. There are also activities whose aim is to implement Computer technology into production processes into the companies of the furniture branch.

The Ełk Scientific - Technological Park offers office premises, production halls and conference rooms. In the Park one can rent premises for a short period of time. The offer is directed to beginner entrepreneurs, who cannot afford renting office premises for a long period of time. It is also directed to people working at home or considering giving up a permanent job and starting an own small business. The idea is to provide with office premises equipped with one-employee work sites, e.g. desks and their complete equipment.

The Ełk Scientific - Technological Park has also prepared fully developed investment areas, which are situated in the close neighborhood of the Ełk Scientific - Technological Park. Inner roads have been built up and connected with the existing communicational network.

Commune self-governments of the Warmia and Mazury region create special entrepreneurship zones. In those zones investors will find appropriate conditions to invest and run their business activities. Self-governments are preparing and equipping investment plots; they are building access roads, parking places, afoot and bike trails, water supply and sewage drains, teletechnical and energetic infrastructure.

The Olsztyn self-government has prepared such areas of 11 ha by the biggest lake in Olsztyn - Krzywe. In the area of the city beach investors can build up hotels, SPA wellness centres and guesthouses.

These zones are intended for services activities in the local spatial development plans. Members of local self-governments are trying to convince us that the economic revival of these areas will make new businessmen come and set up companies, which will result in creating new workplaces within the neighboring areas.


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